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OECD: Finland must focus on integrating immigrant women and their children

5.9.2018 21.17
News item

On 5 September 2018, the OECD published a report on immigration and integration in Finland. The report, which was requested by Finland, examines integration from the viewpoint of labour market integration and contains comparable data from other OECD countries. Finland should pay particular attention to integrating immigrant women and their children, according to the report.

The OECD estimates, however, that Finland is on the right track in its reform efforts. The report mentions several innovative integration measures Finland has adopted since 2015, including the social impact bond project Integration SIB and the extra investments in language training for immigrants.

A press conference and a seminar

OECD Deputy Secretary-General Mari Kiviniemi presented the report in a press conference organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the OECD. Minister of Employment Jari Lindström shared his views on the report and discussed the integration measures Finland has introduced in recent years.

The press conference was followed by a seminar, which the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, organised to commemorate its former Head of Development Annika Forsander. The OECD’s report was presented by Kiviniemi together with Economist Emile Farchy from the OECD.

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