Multilingual videos tell the story of Finnish society

19.3.2020 10.36 | Published in English on 24.3.2020 at 22.50
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Ymmärrä Suomea (‘Understand Finland’) is a series consisting of seven video clips, available in multiple languages. Intended for adult immigrants living in Finland, this series discusses various aspects of Finnish society from taxation to human rights. The videos can be used as learning material in educational institutions, or viewed independently.

In addition to Finnish and Swedish, the videos are available in six other languages: Arabic, Somali, English, Russian, Kurdish (Kurmandzi) and Dari. The videos are also suitable for persons with poor reading and writing skills. The multilingual videos can be viewed on the At home in Finland project’s YouTube channel.

Videos explain the values of Finnish society

The videos aim to provide an insight into Finland and the values underlying Finnish society to help immigrants understand the Finnish society and the way it works.  They are also designed to help newly arrived immigrants understand the things they encounter in Finland. 

Topics covered on the videos include the role of early childhood education and care, school education, the historical and current role of women, the meaning of work in Finnish society, and services provided with taxpayers’ money.  They also explain what the “average Finn” is like. One video addresses the concept of honour-related violence.

The video series was produced by the At home in Finland project (ESF) working under the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Uusimaa. The videos were made by Stremia Oy.

At Home in Finland project has previously commissioned an educational video on Finland’s history “Creating Finnish Welfare: A century of Finland and the Virtanen family”.

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Ymmärrä suomea (‘Understand Finland’) video series about Finnish society 

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