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Talent Boost Cookbook gives recipes for international talent management

15.4.2019 11.19
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Talent Boost Cookbook is a handbook containing good practices for international talent management in Finland. The Cookbook is intended to serve as a practical guide for those working with international talent attraction and retention, and for those who want to learn more about the international talent scene in Finland.

The Cookbook showcases existing good recipes to inspire others, and it also gives an overview of what else is cooking in the talent scene in Finland. The purpose is to learn from existing initiatives and services to strengthen the development and implementation of Talent Attraction, Reception, Integration and Reputation services in Finland, as well as services connecting international talents with companies.

The international talent scene is developing and changing all the time, which is why the Cookbook will be updated once or twice a year with new models, initiatives and projects.

The Cookbook has been collected by Future Place Leadership for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.  

Further information:

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Laura Lindeman, chief specialist, [email protected]