Family group homes

During the asylum process, unaccompanied minor asylum seekers live in group homes or supported residential units intended for minors. After receiving a residence permit, they usually move on to family group homes.

The activities of the family group homes are coordinated by the ELY Centres, and the operation of the group homes by the Finnish Immigration Service. A minor who is an asylum seeker or who has been issued with a residence permit may also live in private accommodation while being registered with a group home or a family group home.

Finland is committed to complying with international conventions which specify how minors should be treated when making decisions that affect them. Under these conventions, they must be guaranteed appropriate protection and humanitarian assistance (see UN Convention on the Rights of the Child). Under the Integration Act, in the case of a person under the age of 18, particular consideration shall be given to the interests of the child in question and his/her development. When assessing the interest of the child, the Child Welfare Act shall be applied.

A municipality may establish a family group home or some other residential unit for children and young people by agreement with the ELY Centre. The care, attention and upbringing of an unaccompanied minor is the responsibility of a family group home, or it is organised as a supported placement in a family or by other appropriate means, for example in a supported housing unit.

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