Immigrants in Häme

About 4.6% of the foreign-language speaking population in Finland live in Häme (Päijät-Häme and Kanta-Häme). The largest language groups are Russian, Estonian, Kurdish, Arabic and English speakers.

The numbers of foreign-language speakers vary greatly in different municipalities of the region. In Päijät-Häme, the highest concentration of immigrant population is found in Lahti, whereas in Kanta-Häme, the highest number is seen in Hämeenlinna.

In 2014, there were about 10,400 foreign citizens living in Häme. Approximately 40% of the foreigners in the region are EU citizens. The number of foreign-language speakers exceeded 14,200 in 2014, accounting for about 3.7% of the population in the entire region. The proportion of foreign-language speakers was the highest in Lahti (5.5% of the residents) and Hämeenlinna (4.0%).

In their age structure, immigrants differ from the population as a whole: the largest group in relative terms are those in working age, or aged 25 to 44 years, while the group in retirement age (aged over 65) is the smallest.