Immigrants in Southwest Finland

The total population of Southwest Finland was 478,582 at the end of 2018, of whom 34,181, or 7.1%, were foreign-language speakers. About 8.7% of all foreign-language speakers in Finland live in Southwest Finland. As some of the immigrants have received Finnish citizenship, the proportion of foreign-language speakers describes the number of immigrants better than foreign citizenship.

In Southwest Finland, Turku, Turku sub-region and Salo have had the highest influx of immigrants. Of the 191,331 residents in the City of Turku, 21,894 were foreign-language speakers at the end of 2018, accounting for 11.4% of all residents. The total population of Salo was 52,321, of whom 3,169, or 6.1%, were foreign-language speakers. (Source: Statistics Finland)