Initial assessment or interview

Unemployed jobseekers, recipients of social assistance and immigrants who request it are given an initial assessment, or they are interviewed. The initial assessment is conducted either by the municipality or the TE Office. The municipality is reimbursed for each initial assessment conducted. Reimbursement is not granted in respect of immigrants who are the responsibility of a TE Office.

The aim of the initial assessment is that the municipality or TE Office assesses the individual‘s preparedness concerning employment, study and other aspects of integration. The need for language training and other measures and services promoting integration is also assessed. The initial assessment is also used to assess whether the integrating immigrant needs an integration plan.

The extent of the initial assessment is affected by the party conducting the initial assessment and the need of the client. The client can also be referred for a more thorough appraisal of skills via an initial interview, which is a less comprehensive assessment. 

A shorter initial assessment can be conducted in the municipality in the form of an initial interview on the basis of which the client can be referred for a more detailed assessment. A less detailed assessment can also be carried out when there does not appear to be any uncertainties regarding the client’s previous skills and preparedness for integration.
The TE Offices can also conduct or purchase for their clients an initial assessment designed to measure various skills so that the clients can be steered towards suitable integration training. These initial assessments identify, for example, the starting level of the client’s language skills and prerequisites for learning. A more comprehensive assessment can be conducted when the client’s educational background is minimal or a clear picture is not available, or if the client has learning difficulties.

The publication by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (Alkukartoituksen avuksi) to facilitate the initial assessment describes a number of good practices by means of which a comprehensive initial assessment can be arranged. Templates are also provided at the end of the publication for use in comprehensive initial assessments.

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