Integration plan for a minor

The municipality draws up an integration plan with a minor if circumstances specific to the minor in question so require. This can be done, for example, in conjunction with the integration plan for the family, and the section ‘details of child’ in the form ‘integration plan for a family’ can be used to compile the plan.

Particular attention must be paid to the child’s best interest and to his or her development when planning the integration of a child. When the need for the plan is assessed and the plan drawn up, the wishes and opinions of the minor must be determined and taken into account. The right of the minor to be heard is exercised by the person who has custody of the child or young person or by his or her representative, as laid down in more detail in the Administrative Procedure Act.

The integration plan for a child or young person should be drawn up in multi-sectoral cooperation and coordinated with other plans supporting the child’s development, education and welfare (for example, an early childhood education plan, a personal learning plan or a child welfare plan).

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