Integration training

Integration training plays a key role in the promotion of integration and improvement of the civic, cultural and life management capabilities of immigrants who have passed the age of compulsory education. It is also provides a path to other education and training and to the open labour market.

Instruction in Finnish or Swedish and, if necessary, reading and writing skills and other instruction that promotes access to the labour market and further education are provided as integration training. The training may also include the recognition of prior learning, recognition of degrees, as well as vocational planning and career guidance. Integration training in Swedish is provided in Uusimaa and in the Swedish-speaking areas of Ostrobothnia.

Implementing integration training mainly as labour market training supports its orientation towards the labour market. However, integration training may also be provided as independent study, which offers more options for studying and responds to immigrants’ educational needs in different life situations. The majority of integration training provided in Swedish is organised as independent study.