Personal integration plan 

An integration plan aims in cooperation with the client to plan and agree on measures by means of which he or she can acquire a sufficient command of Finnish or Swedish and other skills and knowledge required in society and working life.

The task of TE Services is to come to an agreement with the immigrant on training, jobseeking and related goals, and on measures and services supporting jobseeking and promoting access to employment. The municipality, in turn, agrees with the immigrant on the municipal services or other measures promoting integration and access to employment if the immigrant is unable to take part in labour market measures supporting integration.

It is good to be aware that the time needed for integration depends on the individual. An integration plan is a continuously evolving process, as the life situation or goals of the client may change over the course of time. The first integration plan is made for a maximum period of one year and, after that, it is reviewed periodically. The integration plan corresponds in many respects to an employment plan in terms of its aims, and may replace the employment plan for integrating immigrants.

TE Services use the URA system as the basis of the integration plan.