Register to participate in the integration partnership programme

Our organisation/project is connected to the partnership programme and we allow you to publish our name on the map of partnership programme operators. Simultaneously, we approve of the Privacy Statement of the partnership programme.

When you register your organisation for the partnership programme, enter the street address on the form; not the PO Box or postal address, but the address where the office is located. After the address, indicate whether the address is also the address of a private individual, in which case we won’t publish the information on the map. Also, please make selections for the target group and theme.

The registration form has been moved to our new online service

Great that the Partnership programme is of interest to your organization. The registration form has been transferred to our new online service Please go and fill out the registration form.

Privacy Statement: Participation in the integration partnership programme

We will start publishing the Partnership Programme Newsletter in 2021. Please read the Privacy Statement in the newsletters of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Employment.