Updates on report progress

This page will contain current news and content regarding the progress of the report (and the Government Integration Programme) and later information on key measures to promote integration during the government term. In future, this page will serve as a portal to the report, the Government Integration Programme and measures in the Government Programme regarding the promotion of integration, the reception of refugees and labour immigration.

  • Report on the need for a reform in integration promotion services: According to the Government Programme, the Government will prepare a comprehensive action plan on the need to reform integration measures based on the report of the Audit Committee approved by Parliament. The action plan will be submitted to Parliament during the spring 2021. The responsibility for its preparation rests with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.
  • Government Integration Programme: The objective of the Government Integration Programme is to promote societal change through content and through the preparation process, and to increase general awareness on immigrant integration. The Government Integration Programme provides the guidelines for public officials and integration actors. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for coordinating the preparation of the Programme. The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration requires that the Government prepares a Government Integration Programme for a four-year period at a time. The programme contains goals and measures for integration promotion at national level. 

Preparing the report as a co-creation effort

The preparation of the report began with a public kickoff event in spring 2019. Participants identified key themes for the preparation, as well as key stakeholders to be consulted. 

Co-creation continued with workshops for separately invited representatives of the identified stakeholder groups. As the preparation progresses, various inclusive instruments are used to engage the stakeholders more extensively. 

Information on preparations and progress will be available in e.g. in the Gateway to Information on Government Projects.

News about report progress and Government Integration Programme