Services for immigrants in a nutshell

The municipalities and TE Offices are responsible for the services promoting integration. The municipalities have a general and coordinating responsibility for developing, planning and monitoring integration in their areas.

Recognising individual needs

To ensure smooth and efficient progress of  integration, it is vital to recognise immigrants’ individual needs or, for example, the services needed by the family unit. The need to use any special services should also be established as early as possible.

The third sector organises a broad range of different activities that are a valuable addition to the services promoting integration provided by the authorities.

Continuity of services

Successful integration is assisted by mutually supportive, timely and smoothly progressing services that combine to form an appropriate whole. In recent years, particular attention in the development of integration work has been paid to the planning and creation of service continuums promoting integration.

Various pathway models have been put together for different target groups in a number of development projects. The starting point has been, for example, addressing the special needs of young people, jobseekers, vulnerable groups or older immigrants in the promotion of integration.