Statistics and monitoring

Planning and monitoring of a successful integration policy must be supported by adequately comprehensive data on different sectors of integration produced on a regular basis. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment produces data on unemployment among immigrants and on their participation in labour market measures.

The ministry also collects information from different sources for the national monitoring system covering different aspects of integration and ethnic relations. The monitoring system consists of phenomenon-specific indicators based on register and questionnaire data that are updated and made into reports each year. In accordance with the framework used by the EU and the OECD, the sectors of the monitoring system are as follows:

  • employment
  • education and training
  • health and well-being
  • housing
  • participation and
  • two-way integration (including ethnic relations)

The monitoring system is continuously developed. The final indicators will be jointly determined with cross-administrative actors. In addition to yearly reports, the integration and ethnic relations monitoring system produces a comprehensive review for each government term. The next comprehensive review will be produced in 2019.