Principles of integration work

A precondition for successful integration is that both the immigrants and society make every effort to ensure that the persons having migrated to Finland can become active members of society.

The integration of all immigrants should be promoted. The right to measures and services that promote integration is based on needs and not, for example, on the person’s reason for immigrating. 

Immigrants should also have a possibility of maintaining their own language and culture. Instruction in their mother tongue and culture builds the identities of children and young people, in particular, and improves their chances of growing into members of two cultures.

A well-functioning, culturally diverse society offers newcomers a good start for building a life in Finland. Such a society will remain a safe and stable living environment for all residents. This requires good relations and effective interaction between different groups.

It is the responsibility of the municipalities and other local-level authorities to promote positive interaction between population groups in their areas.